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Don’t Let Those Traffic Tickets Pile Up: How the DOT Can Pull Your Driver’s License for Multiple Moving Violations

Imagine this scenario: you get a traffic ticket for a failure to correctly use a traffic signal.  You might have failed to signal within the required distance, you might not have.  You could dispute the ticket, but you decide that it’s not worth it to take the time off from work, go to trial, and […]

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Holding on Iowa! Iowa holds on out-of-state driver’s licenses

“The State of Iowa has a hold on your driver’s license” the clerk at your local DOT/DMV tells you.  “For what?”, you ask?  “Operating While Intoxicated, test failure (or refusal)” the clerk explains.   “That was over twenty years ago” you say with mounting frustration.  The clerk explains: “Sorry, we can’t renew your driver’s license until […]

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