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NFG! Court Dismisses CDL Hours of Service Violation

The State cited our client for a log book violation discovered during a weigh scale inspection.   We defended the case on the merits, but also raised challenges to the DOT officer’s notarization of the complaint at the close of the state’s case. The trial court just issued a ruling on our motion for judgment of acquittal two months after trial.  Good things come to those who wait! The court dismissed the citation because of an improper notarization. That’s a NFG. 

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How Long Does a Traffic Ticket Stay on My Record?

The traffic ticket defense attorneys at GRL Law receive calls from time to time with questions about moving violations.  One of the most common questions?  How long will a particular charge remain on my driving record?  That depends on a number of factors. Is it for a non-moving or moving violation?  Personal vehicle or commercial motor vehicle? Non-moving violations stay on for three years.  Moving violations in a personal vehicle last five to seven years (longer if committed in a CMV). Convictions for OWI remain for 12 years (much longer if involving a CMV). Suspensions can last anywhere from six […]

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