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Iowa’s Overdose Protection Law Results in Dismissal

Waukee, Dallas County, Iowa.  Iowa’s overdose protection law was utilized to secure a dismissal of Possession and drug Paraphernalia charges for a client of GRL Law.  What was very nearly a tragedy, ultimately had a happy ending.  GRL Law’s client unknowingly ingested Fentanyl when consuming another product and immediately began suffering overdose symptoms.  Thankfully friends immediately summoned emergency assistance to assist.  Medical treatment was provided but, apparently unaware that no evidence obtained from emergency responses to these calls may be used to charge an individual, law enforcement charged GRL’s client with possession of a controlled substances.  Thankfully GRL’s client made […]

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Never Disclose Prescription Medications to Law Enforcement During a Traffic Stop

Winterset, Madison County, Iowa.  GRL has been warning anyone who will listen NOT to disclose prescription medications to law enforcement during a traffic stop.  This most recent GRL NFG demonstrates precisely why this is.  GRL’s client provided a breath sample of .037 but disclosed that he was taking his non-controlled substance medication.  The urine test that GRL’s client consented to confirmed the presence of only the prescription medication.  A young and aggressive officer, fresh off of training for driving while drugged investigations, even with the test results, still charged GRL’s client with Operating While Intoxicated and Child Endangerment.  Thankfully, GRL […]

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