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Iowa Court of Appeals Throws Out Operating While Intoxicated Conviction

Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  The Iowa Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of GRL Law’s client’s operating while intoxicated conviction, concluding that the Waukee and West Des Moines police officers entrance into the client’s residence was illegal.  At the district court level, the prosecution claimed that the officers were justified in entering the residence without […]

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Effective July 15, 2020, Fines for Criminal Offenses Change

Effectively July 15, 2020, the financial penalties for all criminal offenses undergo significant changes. Maximum and minimum fines for five separate categories of offenses will change to the following: Simple Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $105.  Maximum Fine – $855 Serious Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $430.  Maximum Fine – $2,560 Aggravated Misdemeanors: Minimum Fine – $855.  Maximum […]

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Officer Ignores Evidence Of Innocence and Charges Innocent Passenger With OWI

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  Last man remaining at accident scene was accused of operating while intoxicated despite the fact that all evidence pointed to someone else as the driver. Des Moines Police Department responded to a traffic accident where a vehicle struck a parked vehicle.  When law enforcement arrived, nobody was in the vehicle.  […]

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