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THC Metabolites Detected in Urine Following Full-Spectrum CBD Use

The November 4, 2020 issue of JAMA Psychiatry published results from a recent study examining whether the use of full-spectrum CBD from legal hemp (< 0.30% Δ9-THC) would lead to positive urine test results for THC metabolites. It has been often assumed that hemp-derived cannabidiol products will test negative for urinary THC.  However, the study […]

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OWI Amended to Public Intoxication WIN

The Cerro Gordo County District Court recently granted the state’s motion to amend the charge from OWI to Public Intoxication following an aggressive, independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding a private party raided by the sheriff’s office. We were able to establish that more than two hours elapsed between the time our client last drove […]

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All Charges Against Client Dismissed after Successful Motion to Suppress Evidence

Emmet County, Iowa- All charges, including OWI 2nd offense, Carrying Weapons, Interference with Official Acts, and other misdemeanors, were dismissed after Grant Gangestad successfully argued that the seizure of the client was unconstitutional.  The Court agreed, suppressing all evidence from the stop, forcing the State to dismiss the charges.  The client maintained his driver’s license […]

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