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Iowa Court of Appeals Throws Out Operating While Intoxicated Conviction

Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  The Iowa Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of GRL Law’s client’s operating while intoxicated conviction, concluding that the Waukee and West Des Moines police officers entrance into the client’s residence was illegal.  At the district court level, the prosecution claimed that the officers were justified in entering the residence without […]

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Uncertified Officer with Uncertified Preliminary Breath Test Results in OWI Being Avoided and Driving Privileges Saved

Rock Rapids, Lyon County, Iowa.  GRL Law’s client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated and faced a 6 month license suspension and up to one year in jail.  During the discovery phase of the case, GRL Law uncovered that the initial investigating and arresting officer was not a certified police officer in the state of […]

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Trooper’s Misstatement About Iowa OWI’s Impact on Out of State License, Saves Client!

Ames, Story County, Iowa.  Iowa State Patrol Trooper’s misstatement of impact of Iowa Operating While Intoxicated charge on Minnesota driving privileges results in exclusion of breath test refusal and avoidance of Operating While Intoxicated charge.  The Trooper improperly informed GRL Law’s client that an OWI in Iowa would only impact his Iowa driving privileges.  This […]

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