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Jim Sayre Joins GRL Law Team – Heads GRL’s Transactional Law Division (Probate, Real Estate and Business Law)

The GRL Law family has expanded.  We are happy to announce that attorney, Jim Sayre has joined the team and will be heading up the Transactional Law Division.  Transactional law includes the areas of probate, real estate and business law.  Stay tuned for future posts on what specific services these areas of law include. Jim […]

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Paisley Park, Probate, and Purple Rain: Why Prince’s Failure to Have a Will is a Good Lesson in Preparation for Us All

My family members are all audiophiles.  Our upbringing revolved around music. My parents always had the radio on and there probably wasn’t a bigger fan of the 70’s rock group Boston than my dad.  My brother and I had a garage band with buddies growing up and concert-going has been a hobby of my wife […]

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