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Expired Is Not New

Boone County, Iowa.  Attorney Matt Lindholm recently appeared before a Boone County judge arguing that the use of a blood testing kit that was expired by five years and was used to collect his client’s blood for a drunk driving prosecution should not be admissible.  At the heart of the issue was whether the blood testing kit was “new” as required by Iowa law in order for the blood test results to be admissible.  The judge found that the kit was not knew because it was expired and threw out the blood test results.  The charge was ultimately reduced to […]

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Expired Blood Testing Kit Results in Inadmissible Evidence

Calhoun County, Iowa- A GRL Law client was involved in a single vehicle accident and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Officers believed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. Because the client was in the hospital and strapped to a bed, the client was asked by officers to submit a sample of his blood.  He consented.  The officers gave the nurse a testing kit to sample the blood that was expired by almost two years.  GRL attorney Grant Gangestad filed a motion to exclude the blood test results based upon the fact that the kit used […]

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