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Theft Charge Dismissed on Eve of Trial WIN

Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  The Webster County Attorney’s Office dismissed a single count of theft at the state’s expense against our client on the eve of jury selection.  The criminal trial attorneys at GRL showed once again how thoroughly developing a theory of defense through the aggressive pursuit of pretrial discovery, including interviewing and subpoenaing witnesses not listed by the state, often makes a significant impact on the state’s decision to move forward.  In this case, we raised enough reasonable doubt as to the issues of ownership and intent such that a NFG verdict seemed the only likely outcome.  […]

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Iowa Supreme Court Removes Obstacles to Expunging Dismissed Charges

On May 22, 2020, the Iowa Supreme Court released opinions in three consolidated cases, all entitled State v. Doe, involving expungement of dismissed criminal charges. Dismissed charges can be expunged in Iowa if certain criteria are met. For more information on expunging dismissed charges, click here. One of the requirements for expunging a dismissed charge is that a person must have paid all their fines and fees owed to the State before the Judge can expunge the court record of a dismissed charge. That seems simple enough¬- you have to pay your court debt before you can expunge a charge. […]

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