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Flat Fee For Sale by Owner Program

Thinking about listing your home for sale? What if we told you that by hiring an attorney you could save tens of thousands of dollars on the sale of your home? GRL is excited to announce our Flat Fee For-Sale by Owner program. Most of us do not think twice about having our friend or family member who is a real estate agent, list and sell our homes.  After all, that’s how it is done right?  We sign a listing agreement without reading it, they put a sign in the yard, we take the pets for a drive when an interested […]

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Do I Have To Pay 7% To A Realtor To Sell My Home? For Sale by Owner – a Walkthrough

No, no, and no.  To be very clear, the answer is NO. We will start off by issuing a quick apology to our clients, family members, friends and fellow professionals working in the real estate profession.  This blog is by no means an attempt to diminish their work.  They are a very important and integral part of the real estate system.  There are still many situations where a realtor is necessary, but there is no requirement to employ or involve a realtor to buy or sell a home.  If you have a unique home or a difficult property to sell, […]

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