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GRL Law’s 15 Years of Appellate Advocacy

At GRL Law, we are preparing to argue yet another case before the Iowa Supreme Court next month in State v. Sewell.  The case involves law enforcement’s attempts to record phone conversations between arrested persons and their attorneys while at the jail.  As we prepare to argue Sewell, we also  eagerly await two pending decisions in State v. Kilby and State v. Wright.  Both of these cases involve significant issues related to the privacy and constitutional rights of Iowans. Looking back over the years, this year marks the 15th year of GRL Law’s zealous appellate advocacy.  In total, GRL Law […]

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Team Member Needed – GRL Law is Hiring

Do you: Do the right thing above all else? Put others before yourself? Empathize with those enduring hardships? Flourish in a collaborative team environment? Possess an assertive, driven, growth-oriented mindset? If you answer “yes” to all of those questions, you may be a fit for the GRL Team. The GRL Team consists of six attorneys and five full-time staff members.  We have outgrown our current office management capacity and have every intention to continue to grow and strengthen our team.  To accomplish our goals, the GRL Team needs a full-time bookkeeper to manage the day-to-day financial workings of our firm. […]

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Carrying Weapons – Possession is NOT Always Nine-Tenth’s of the Law

You may have heard the hold adage that “possession is nine-tenth’s of the law.”  Although that proposition may have some merit when attempting to ferret out property disputes, the Iowa Supreme Court recently did not find it persuasive as it relates to committing the crime of carrying a dangerous weapon while intoxicated.  In State v. Montreal Shorter, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that “possession” of a firearm while intoxicated does not necessarily constitute the criminal offense of “carrying” a firearm while intoxicated.  Iowa Code Section 724.4C prohibits a person from “carrying” a weapon either (1) on or about the person […]

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