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Suspension, Revocation, Bar, Habitual Offender, Habitual Violator: What’s the difference?

In Iowa, a person can have their driver’s license taken from them in a number of ways.  For example, a person can be suspended for non-payment of fines, revoked for an operating while intoxicated test refusal or result over the legal limit of drugs and/or alcohol, or barred for other serious violations. It’s important to note that being suspended, revoked, or barred all carry special meanings under Iowa law. A suspension means that you have lost your permission from the Iowa Department of Transportation to drive for a certain period of time.  Typically, you are looking at a suspension for […]

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Don’t Let Those Traffic Tickets Pile Up: How the DOT Can Pull Your Driver’s License for Multiple Moving Violations

Imagine this scenario: you get a traffic ticket for a failure to correctly use a traffic signal.  You might have failed to signal within the required distance, you might not have.  You could dispute the ticket, but you decide that it’s not worth it to take the time off from work, go to trial, and fight the ticket.  So, you decide to just send the payment in to the clerk of court.  A week or so later, you get a letter in the mail from the Iowa Department of Transportation saying that the DOT is going to take your driver’s […]

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