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THC Metabolites Detected in Urine Following Full-Spectrum CBD Use

The November 4, 2020 issue of JAMA Psychiatry published results from a recent study examining whether the use of full-spectrum CBD from legal hemp (< 0.30% Δ9-THC) would lead to positive urine test results for THC metabolites. It has been often assumed that hemp-derived cannabidiol products will test negative for urinary THC.  However, the study […]

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Record CBD Seizure in Adair County Ends with Court-Ordered Return to Client

Greenfield, Adair County, Iowa.  The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law prevailed again today by successfully securing a court order for the return of over-the-counter cannabidiol (CBD) products seized by local law enforcement.  The estimated retail value of these CBD products exceeded $3,000, which is believed to be the largest seizure of its kind in […]

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New Hemp Testing for Total THC Requires 5 Grams

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Criminalistics Laboratory recently updated its policies regarding Cannabis testing in light of the 2018 Farm Bill, S.F. 599 and H.F. 2581.  Under the new laws, cannabis containing less than 0.3% total THC (Δ9-THC + THCA) is considered hemp.  Hemp extracts, including CBD, are no longer controlled substances under state […]

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