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$154,900 Settlement for Wrongful Arrest

Ankeny, Polk County, Iowa.  GRL’s Government Accountability Division obtained a settlement of $154,900 for an Ankeny man who was wrongfully arrested by Ankeny Police Department earlier this year.  While the financial compensation was substantial for GRL’s client, it was not the most incredible part of this case. Apologies, especially sincere apologies, simply do not happen when a citizen accuses a government entity of misconduct or violating their constitutional rights.  Deflection, denial, victim-blame, and excuse-making tend to be the government’s go-to approaches to these types of cases. They never, ever admit that they were wrong.  However, in this case, in a […]

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Prosecutors Agree to Dismiss Rape Charges One Day Into Trial

Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  The writing was on the wall that GRL’s client was innocent of Rape accusations but it took a day of trial for the prosecution to finally read that writing. GRL’s client was accused of rape after what he described as a consensual sexual relationship.  Surveillance cameras from the apartment corroborated his claims showing the complaining witness walking him up to her apartment and then seeing him out the door a few hours later.  The accusation was not made top police until approximately seven hours later. GRL’s client insisted on his incense and took the case […]

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Sexual Assault Charge Avoided

Urbandale, Polk County, Iowa.  Pre-charge representation prevents sexual assault allegations from turning into formal criminal charges.  GRL Law’s client was accused of sexual assault by a babysitter.  When law enforcement contacted our client, he wisely declined to answer questions and retained GRL Law to assist in the investigative stage.  GRL Law’s team sprung into action.  We secured photographs of the crucial locations and identified potentially valuable DNA evidence that was turned over to law enforcement.  Prior to providing law enforcement with a statement, GRL Law also obtained a polygraph examination of our client demonstrating that the was being truthful.  The […]

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