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Due Process Rights in Property Seized for Forfeiture

If you have cash seized for forfeiture by the Iowa State Patrol or another law enforcement agency during a traffic stop, then due process entitles you to certain rights. Normally, the trooper will provide you with a Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture.  This will list the date, time and location along with a description of the seized property. You are probably thinking that the Notice tells the owner what to do to reclaim the money, right? Not exactly. The forfeiture attorneys at GRL Law have yet to see a notice that provides any description of an owner’s rights. Iowa law […]

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CDL False Report of Duty Status Dismissed at Trial

The CDL defense attorneys at GRL Law score another win for a client after charges were dismissed. Our driver was charged with false report of record of duty status.  The firm noted three possible defenses.  One in particular concerns how the complaint was verified.  I thought it would be a winner under these facts.   However, I didn’t even get a chance to raise it at trial.   The trooper was en route, but 30 minutes late, when the prosecutor moved to dismiss at the State’s cost. That never happens!  I met the trooper on the sidewalk outside the courthouse minutes later.  […]

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