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Holding on Iowa! Iowa holds on out-of-state driver’s licenses

“The State of Iowa has a hold on your driver’s license” the clerk at your local DOT/DMV tells you.  “For what?”, you ask?  “Operating While Intoxicated, test failure (or refusal)” the clerk explains.   “That was over twenty years ago” you say with mounting frustration.  The clerk explains: “Sorry, we can’t renew your driver’s license until this hold is removed by Iowa.”  What do you do?! Prior operating while intoxicated offenses in Iowa can come back to haunt non-resident driver for years, even decades after the case is resolved.  In Iowa, the criminal prosecution and license suspension proceedings are completely separate.  […]

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Molded on the Mat – Refined on the River

Many of us are currently finding ourselves smack dab in the middle of some of the craziest times of our lives while we attempt to sort through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many people have lost jobs, businesses, retirement accounts, missed special events, and even lost family and friends during this non-sense.  Phrases like “how you holding up”, “stay safe”, and “do you need anything” are rolling off of peoples tongues at an unprecedented rate, with the looming question of “when will this all be over?” I was recently tagged in a Facebook post where a friend had commented that I seem […]

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