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NFG! Court Dismisses Four Citations Against CDL Driver

GRL Law secures yet another dismissal for a CDL driver.  DOT enforcement stopped our client for driving past an open scale.  The officer conducted a Level I inspection and ultimately cited her for multiple violations. Plea negotiations ended abruptly when the officer refused to cut any slack.  So we tried all four charges to the magistrate. The officer admitted on cross-examination that he was never placed under oath when the citations were “notarized.”  The Iowa Constitution requires that all cases be tried on information under oath. A constitutional violation, you say? The court had no choice but to dismiss all […]

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NFG! Court Dismisses Log Book Violation Against CDL Driver

Another CDL ticket trial, another NFG verdict for the driver! Our client was charged with log book violations for not having a few records of duty status in his possession.  He was on the road only two days that month when stopped by the Iowa DOT enforcement officer.  And the truck was not equipped with an ELD. We argued successfully that our client was at most an intermittent driver.  Without proof that his motor carrier required him to maintain paper records, the court dismissed the charge at the State’s cost. Because there was no conviction, the driver will not be […]

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CDL Traffic Ticket Defense – Yes, We Do That, Too!

The trial attorneys at GRL Law have a well-earned reputation for zealously and aggressively representing those accused of serious criminal offenses in Iowa. While we are perhaps best known for our statewide defense of drinking drivers including felony vehicular homicide, the firm is also recognized for its work in other complex areas of the law such as sex offenses and drug charges. One area that typically doesn’t make the news, but is nevertheless a highly specialized niche for the firm, is the defense of CDL traffic tickets. We defend all CDL-related citations.  Statewide.  Everything from excessive speed and lane changes […]

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