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THC Vape Charges Dismissed After Search of Mail Suppressed

It goes without saying that postal service investigations rarely turn out well for those who receive marijuana products by mail.  Drug dogs and search warrants will conspire to reveal the contents of suspicious packages before they reach the mailbox.  At that point, the recipients face a Hobson’s choice: either snitch on friends or cop to a felony. What can you do when neither is an option? You guessed it. You get the drug crime lawyers at GRL Law involved. Here’s an example of how we can flip the script on these mailed drug cases that don’t involve the odor of […]

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Due Process Rights in Property Seized for Forfeiture

If you have cash seized for forfeiture by the Iowa State Patrol or another law enforcement agency during a traffic stop, then due process entitles you to certain rights. Normally, the trooper will provide you with a Notice of Seizure for Forfeiture.  This will list the date, time and location along with a description of the seized property. You are probably thinking that the Notice tells the owner what to do to reclaim the money, right? Not exactly. The forfeiture attorneys at GRL Law have yet to see a notice that provides any description of an owner’s rights. Iowa law […]

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Property Seized for Forfeiture? Take Action Immediately

Police and prosecutors use forfeiture laws to take ownership of property that is allegedly related to criminal activity.    The police needn’t even arrest the owner to take advantage of Iowa’s civil forfeiture laws.  More often than not, criminal charges are never filed by police.  They simply seize property (mainly cash) during any traffic stop, make a colorable claim of criminal conduct and see if the owner challenges the legal process. When the owner instead abandons the property, the police and prosecutors keep the proceeds.  It can amount to millions each year. A great way to address budget shortfalls, right?  […]

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