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Consequences of Marijuana Possession in a Commercial Motor Vehicle

The drug defense attorneys at GRL have blogged before on the pitfalls of being stopped by police with marijuana in your personal vehicle.  Fortunately, Iowa no longer suspends your driving privileges for drug convictions. Does this mean you can keep personal use quantities in the sleeper area of a semi truck? In a word, no.  Not unless, of course, you are looking to have your CDL privileges disqualified for six months. That’s right. You will lose your privilege to drive a commercial motor vehicle if convicted of most simple possession offenses.   Marijuana, amphetamines or any narcotic drug will do the […]

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Can Police Frisk Me for Drugs?

The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law have seen their fair share of possession cases arising from police frisks. It usually goes down like this.  Following a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation, the officer orders the driver to come back to the patrol car to process a citation. Pro tip: You are seized by the officer and legally obligated to follow this instruction.  Don’t resist, or worse, assert your rights as a sovereign citizen.  You will be definitely arrested for interference and subjected to a full search of your person, clothing and accessories like a wallet, purse or […]

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Class B Felony Drug Charge Amended and Time Served WIN

The Story County District Court recently sentenced our client to credit for time served and minimum fines for simple possession of a controlled substance. Originally, the state charged him with four felonies: possession with intent to deliver LSD, marijuana and tax stamp violations. The Class B felony alone was punishable by a mandatory term of imprisonment up to 25 years and a fine of up to $100,000. We were able to limit the admissibility of certain evidence and arguments that are typically used by the state in these types of cases on the issue of intent in constructive possession cases.  […]

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