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2 NFG’s in 1 Day

GRL was busy yesterday doing what we enjoy most – Jury trials.  Bobby Rehkemper was in Ames, Story County and Matt Lindholm was in Corning, Adams County.  Both client’s were charged with operating while intoxicated accusations and declined to submit to the evidentiary breath test at the station.  The prosecution claimed that the defendant’s demonstrated […]

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41 + 20 = 61 NFGs

Waukee, Dallas County, Iowa.  Not Guilty on another 20 charges brings the total of NFG’s in one case to 61.  After a jury returned Not Guilty verdicts on 41 counts of Harassment in the First Degree, the prosecutor still pressed on with the remaining 20 counts of simple misdemeanor Harassment in the Third Degree.  Those […]

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Not Guilty x 41 Counts

Adel, Dallas County, Iowa.  A Dallas County Jury found GRL Law’s client not guilty on a total of 41 counts after slightly over an hour of deliberation.  In one of the first prosecutions under a new law passed in 2018, the State accused GRL Law’s client of what has been commonly referred to as “Revenge […]

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