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NFG! 78 in 70 Reversed on Appeal

Frequent readers of the GRL Law blog are familiar with the term “NFG.” We also explain it in detail here.  A NFG can occur at trial.  Or, like this case, on appeal. At the close of the state’s case at trial, the criminal defense attorneys at GRL Law moved to dismiss the speeding charge.  Why?  The trooper testified on cross-examination that he was not sworn before a notary at the time he signed the complaint before filing it with the magistrate.  The Iowa Constitution requires a sworn verification. The magistrate refused to grant the judgment of acquittal for our client […]

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CDL Traffic Ticket Defense – Yes, We Do That, Too!

The trial attorneys at GRL Law have a well-earned reputation for zealously and aggressively representing those accused of serious criminal offenses in Iowa. While we are perhaps best known for our statewide defense of drinking drivers including felony vehicular homicide, the firm is also recognized for its work in other complex areas of the law such as sex offenses and drug charges. One area that typically doesn’t make the news, but is nevertheless a highly specialized niche for the firm, is the defense of CDL traffic tickets. We defend all CDL-related citations.  Statewide.  Everything from excessive speed and lane changes […]

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Stop of Out-of-State Driver’s Vehicle Invalid, Seized Firearm Returned to Client

Dallas County, Iowa- Grant Gangestad’s client was stopped on the side of the road to take a phone call and assess a check engine light.  The officer ran the driver’s information, which returned no warrants or red flags.  The officer returned to the vehicle, claiming that the driver appeared “nervous.”  He asked if there was anything in the vehicle and the client stated that he had a firearm in a backpack the vehicle which he keeps for protection.  He did not have a valid permit to carry in Iowa. The officer then confiscated the firearm and charged the client with […]

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