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Do You Mind If I Pat You Down Real Quick? The Forgotten Requirements of a Protective Pat Down

“Do you have anything that is going to stick me, poke me, or hurt me?  Do you mind if I pat you down real quick just to make sure?”  This is a routine line used by almost every law enforcement officer during any interaction with a citizen, especially during any sort of traffic stop where a driver is asked to exit the vehicle.  Most people acquiesce to this sort of suspicionless violation into their bodily integrity without knowing full-well what they are getting into. A “pat down” by law enforcement is better explained as a police officer running his or […]

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Can Police Frisk Me for Drugs?

The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law have seen their fair share of possession cases arising from police frisks. It usually goes down like this.  Following a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation, the officer orders the driver to come back to the patrol car to process a citation. Pro tip: You are seized by the officer and legally obligated to follow this instruction.  Don’t resist, or worse, assert your rights as a sovereign citizen.  You will be definitely arrested for interference and subjected to a full search of your person, clothing and accessories like a wallet, purse or […]

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