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Jury exonerates man of sexual abuse allegation from 20 years ago

HAMILTON COUNTY – Client was charged with Sex Abuse in the Second Degree based on an allegation claimed to have occurred 17 years prior.  After being initially charged, the Assistant County Attorney who was handling the case filed a Motion to Dismiss the case.  Before the motion could be granted by the Court, the head County Attorney, who was personally affiliated with the complaining witnesses father, withdrew the Motion to Dismiss.  Months later the case was turned over to the Iowa Attorney General’s Office to continue with the prosecution.  Three years after the charge was brought against him, the case […]

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GRL Criminal Law Division 200+ Five Star Reviews on Avvo.com

GRL Law maintains a well earned reputation from both the bench and bar across the state for its approach to defending those charged with serious crimes.  It should come as no surprise that our clients share the same opinion. The firm’s criminal law division is comprised of five experienced trial and appellate lawyers.   Collectively, they have more than 200 five-star reviews on Avvo.com. Two hundred.  Actual and organic testimonials that describe the client experience with GRL Law. When facing serious criminal charges, the most important decision you will make is the lawyer who will protect your rights.  If you or […]

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Sex, Cameras and Minors: How criminals are profiting from sexting

In an age where photographs can be taken and exchanged instantaneously, sexual photos and videos  are becoming increasingly problematic.  The plights of sexually explicit photos specifically surround minors. Often referred to as “sexting,” the digital swapping of sexually related photographs and videos is an issue that plagues parenting, education, and law enforcement alike. GRL Law has recently come across a new and interesting twist where criminals have figured out a very effective way to profit from the ever-increasing societal norm of sexting.  How can this be you ask?  A basic understanding of the five most relevant sexual offense laws sets […]

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