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Revenge Porn

Catch your significant other cheating?  Think it would be a good idea to share pictures or videos of their infidelity with their friends and family?  Hold that send! The phrase “revenge porn” describes situations where an individual shares intimate pictures or videos of another person in order to get “revenge.”  It most commonly arises in […]

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Juvenile Sex Offenders Removed From Sex Offender Registry For Ex Post Facto Violations

This past year three GRL clients who were adjudicated of sex offenses in juvenile court have been granted reprieve from the sex offender registry based upon a novel argument – that the imposition of a lifetime registration violates the prohibition against ex post facto laws.  You may be wondering what does ex post facto mean?  […]

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Drive-by shooting leads to child pornography charges and results in dismissal

An 18-year-old Polk County man was suspected in a drive-by shooting.  He was followed and stopped by a detective driving his personal vehicle for committing traffic violations trying to evade the unknown vehicle following him.  Once stopped, the detective placed client under arrest for tinted windows and running a stop sign.  While client was handcuffed […]

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