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THC Vape Charges Dismissed After Search of Mail Suppressed

It goes without saying that postal service investigations rarely turn out well for those who receive marijuana products by mail.  Drug dogs and search warrants will conspire to reveal the contents of suspicious packages before they reach the mailbox.  At that point, the recipients face a Hobson’s choice: either snitch on friends or cop to a felony. What can you do when neither is an option? You guessed it. You get the drug crime lawyers at GRL Law involved. Here’s an example of how we can flip the script on these mailed drug cases that don’t involve the odor of […]

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Boating Privileges Saved

Appanoose County, Iowa- A GRL Law client was charged with Boating While Intoxicated (BWI), Second Offense. A conviction for BWI 2nd offense results in a minimum fine of $1,000, seven days in county jail, completing a substance abuse evaluation and completing all recommended treatment, and a loss of the person’s boating privileges for two years.  Mr. Gangestad and the county attorney were able to successfully negotiate a non-BWI resolution, with the client paying a $200 fine.  Jail time was avoided and the client’s boating privileges were spared.

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Wright County, Iowa- A GRL Law client was stopped for alleged erratic driving.  Officers requested that she complete field sobriety tests, and the client submitted to that request.  The client then submitted to a PBT and was taken to the station for further testing. The client supplied a breath test which was over the legal limit.  Mr. Gangestad filed a motion to suppress the breath test result because the preliminary breath test (PBT) calibration logs did not comply with the Iowa Code and therefore invalidated the PBT result.  The breath test result was excluded from trial and all charges were […]

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