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Objections to Inadmissible Evidence in Drug Crime Trials Must be Specific

On September 21, 2022 the Iowa Court of Appeals affirmed felony convictions for possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and drug tax stamps in State v. Hansel. The ruling provides a great reminder to drug crime attorneys on the proper way to object to evidence, especially “prior bad acts” testimony. In this case, the arresting […]

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Murphy Presents on Cannabis Extracts at IAJ Criminal Law Seminar

On September 16, 2021 Colin Murphy presented at the annual Iowa Association for Justice Criminal Law Seminar in Iowa City. The presentation focused on the current legal status of cannabis extracts.  In particular, Colin demonstrated how defense attorneys can defend against marijuana charges involving extracts such as CBD, medical cannabidiol and delta-8 THC.     The […]

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Problems with Traffic Stop Lead to Dismissal of Marijuana Charges

West Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa.  The drug defense attorneys at GRL Law successfully negotiated the dismissal of drug charges after challenging the traffic stop.  The arresting officer claimed in his report that “the light was red” when “[the car] traversed the intersection.”  His dash camera showed instead that our client’s car was nearly through […]

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