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Sextortion – What Every Parent Needs to Know

What in the world is Sextortion and why does every parent need to know about? Sextortion occurs when a criminal obtains sexually explicit images of a person and threatens to distribute them if the victim does not provide additional images, sexual favors, or money.  It is a serious situation that happens in our state, our communities, our school, our neighborhoods and our homes.  While smart phones and the internet have made life incredibly more convenient, they have also created landmines for our younger generations to navigate.  We have previously written about Sexting and the legal pitfalls associated with sharing compromising […]

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Vehicular Homicide DISMISSED Halfway Through Jury Trial

Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa.  Vehicular Homicide charge against GRL’s client was dismissed by the court because the prosecution failed to present enough evidence for the case to continue any further forward at trial. GRL’s client was charged with Vehicular Homicide under Iowa’s texting and driving law after he was involved in a tragic accident with a bicyclist on a county highway that resulted in the bicyclist’s death.  GRL’s client stayed on the scene, called 911, attempted to assist the bicyclists and cooperated fully with law enforcement.  When law enforcement arrived he explained that he did not see the cyclists […]

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Gone in ten (10) seconds- The “commonsense suspicion” exception

In 2000 the world was wowed by the ability of Nicholas Cage and his crew of bandits to swiftly and efficiently snatch high-end cars from their rightful owners in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.  The Iowa Supreme Court has now wowed the citizens of Iowa by swiftly and efficiently allowing officers to snatch the privacy rights of citizens in only ten (10) second with their decision in State v. Steven Edward Struve (19-1614). In this case, the Iowa Supreme Court was asked to determine whether it was constitutional for a law enforcement officer to stop a driver’s vehicle after […]

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