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Suppression of Urine Test Result Leads to OWI Dismissal WIN

Northwood, Worth County, Iowa.  The district court in Worth County granted the State’s motion to dismiss the charge of OWI, but not before suppressing the results of a urine test. A thorough review of traffic stop and implied consent videos revealed several issues that were briefed by the drugged driving attorneys at GRL Law, including whether: The deputy lacked reasonable suspicion to detain the driver; The deputy unreasonably prolonged the traffic stop to await a drug dog; The drug dog trespassed onto the vehicle turning the “free air sniff” into an unreasonable search; The handler cued the drug dog to […]

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Applying the Trespass Doctrine to K9 Sniffs in Marijuana Traffic Stops

In United States v. Jones, 565 U.S. 400 (2012), the Supreme Court announced that any physical intrusion onto a personal “effect,” such as a vehicle parked on a public street, was a search under the Fourth Amendment when done for the purposes of gathering information. Most attorneys and judges understand Jones to be the “GPS monitoring” case because the F.B.I. joint task force affixed a tracking device to a vehicle driven by a suspected drug trafficker.  The attorneys at GRL Law know, however, that the reach of Jones and its progeny extend far beyond its facts.  We believe it has […]

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