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Protecting Your Legacy – An Introduction

You built it, shouldn’t you protect it?  Should the government get the final say on how your assets are treated in the event of your death?  Should the government get the final say on the care your children receive if  you pass away unexpectedly? It is your legacy, you should ensure that you have the final say! Legal tools have been created that allow a person to retain control of their own decision-making, even when they are in a legally or medically incapable of verbalizing their desires at the present moment.  These tools, properly implemented and utilized, prevent the government […]

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Professional Referrals – The Key to Customer Loyalty

We have all spent our entire careers carefully creating, cultivating, and elevating our reputation as leaders in our specialized areas of business.  Whether it is in the legal, medical, financial, construction, entertainment or any other industry, businesses spend years, decades, and for some, centuries, building and protecting their respective reputations.  This is because in any professional industry, our reputation is our most valuable asset. We have all heard the quote: “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”  This principle applies to every profession and proves itself daily.  One poor decision can tarnish an […]

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