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Protecting Your Legacy – An Introduction

You built it, shouldn’t you protect it?  Should the government get the final say on how your assets are treated in the event of your death?  Should the government get the final say on the care your children receive if  you pass away unexpectedly? It is your legacy, you should ensure that you have the final say! Legal tools have been created that allow a person to retain control of their own decision-making, even when they are in a legally or medically incapable of verbalizing their desires at the present moment.  These tools, properly implemented and utilized, prevent the government […]

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Paisley Park, Probate, and Purple Rain: Why Prince’s Failure to Have a Will is a Good Lesson in Preparation for Us All

My family members are all audiophiles.  Our upbringing revolved around music. My parents always had the radio on and there probably wasn’t a bigger fan of the 70’s rock group Boston than my dad.  My brother and I had a garage band with buddies growing up and concert-going has been a hobby of my wife and I since we met.  Music was even part of our Christmas celebration this year. My mom got my family tickets to visit Paisley Park this spring.  For those unfamiliar, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Paisely Park is the home and recording studio of the late […]

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