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$40,000 Settlement for Unwarranted Suspicion in Boone County

In a noteworthy demonstration of legal expertise and dedication to upholding citizens’ rights, GRL’s Government Accountability Division recently marked a significant victory in Boone County, Iowa. The division secured a $40,000 settlement for a Boone County man, unjustly ensnared in the legal system due to an unconstitutional traffic stop by a Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy. This case, emblematic of GRL’s commitment to challenging governmental overreach and defending constitutional rights, not only underscores the firm’s prowess in legal advocacy but also highlights the broader implications of law enforcement practices on individual liberties. The incident unfolded when a Boone County Deputy, operating […]

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$154,900 Settlement for Wrongful Arrest

Ankeny, Polk County, Iowa.  GRL’s Government Accountability Division obtained a settlement of $154,900 for an Ankeny man who was wrongfully arrested by Ankeny Police Department earlier this year.  While the financial compensation was substantial for GRL’s client, it was not the most incredible part of this case. Apologies, especially sincere apologies, simply do not happen when a citizen accuses a government entity of misconduct or violating their constitutional rights.  Deflection, denial, victim-blame, and excuse-making tend to be the government’s go-to approaches to these types of cases. They never, ever admit that they were wrong.  However, in this case, in a […]

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