Thank you Scott Michels

Possibly the most attractive firm in Des Moines! Seriously, I'm new to Des Moines and had questions about a case. I called and was directed to Scott Michels. While my case is outside of the firm's area of practice, Scott was very helpful. He provided me thoughtful insight and information into my situation and directed me to the proper resources. He took time to understand. I talked to one other firm and they cut me off as soon as there was the flash of "can I bill this client or not? possibly "not."

Yet do the others know, while someone doesn't need them now, that person has friends and possible future needs. While I don't have experience beyond my first impression, I wouldn't hesitate to consider Scott should someone I know need his services (I'd say me but I don't plan on needing a criminal attorney…I hope not). I'm sure they have more in their arsenal in regard to services, I was just focused on my needs. Thank you Scott!