The Best OWI Defense Attorney in Iowa

When faced with an out of state OWI charge, and feeling that something wasn’t quite right with the charges, I began reaching out to local attorneys in north Iowa. I was appalled at the number of attorneys I reached out to who instantly wanted a $1,200-$1,500 dollar retainer to plead me guilty and not even consider the charges or circumstances surrounding them.

My last call was to Gourley, Rehkemper & Lindholm, P.L.C in Mason City, IA. I left a message for someone to reach back to me. This should have been my very first call! Within a few hours, I was speaking with Grant Gangestad, a quick witted, highly intelligent and extremely knowledgeable attorney who within a few minutes of listening to my case, was absolutely convinced I had a case that needed his attention. His professionalism is top notch, he explained everything in a clear and precise manor. Because of Grant Gangestad, his dedication to my case & his knowledge of the law, my case was overturned, all charges dismissed and my record is free and clear! Thank you Grant Gangestad

-Ryan, client