The Number One Reason Why Seized Property Claims Fail

When the task force takes property from a citizen without consent, it becomes “seized” property.  Iowa law provides specific rules for making a claim for the return of property seized under these circumstances.  If the rules are not followed to the letter, then it is all but impossible for the rightful owner to recover.  This is true even when police illegally seized the property in the first place.

The seized and forfeited property attorneys at GRL Law know a recoverable claim when they see it.

If there is but one reason why most owners fail to recover their seized property, then it is this:

They file the claim too late.

It’s a simple as that.

Iowa law allows an owner only 30 days from the seizure to file a written claim for the return of their property.

Late filed claims will not be processed because the property is deemed abandoned and may be forfeited to the task force.  In other words, policing for profit.

There are other pitfalls for the unwary, but the 30-day deadline for filed claims is certainly the biggest.  Also, this is not exactly a DIY project.  Other rules can prevent a recovery even with timely filed claims.

If you or someone you know wants to file for the return of seized property, then you should immediately call the experts at GRL Law for a consultation.  Otherwise, the task force will run out the clock and keep your property.