The Reciprocity Defense for Possessing Out-of-State Medical Marijuana in Iowa

When it comes to possession charges for out-of-state medical marijuana, you should look no further than GRL Law.

Many prosecutors will charge these possession offenses under Iowa Code section 124.401(5).  This effectively treats medical marijuana like a street drug rather than a therapeutic purchased at a licensed dispensary.  Most attorneys who dabble in criminal defense accept this framing and go to work negotiating a mandatory minimum plea or deferred judgment.

Not GRL Law.

We won’t rest without fighting to get the charges dismissed.

How do you choose the right attorney for this specialized possession charge in Iowa?  Just ask them to explain the reciprocity defense.  Or provide a cite to it in Iowa Code chapter 124.

If they can’t or won’t answer either of these two simple questions, then call the drug defense attorneys at GRL Law immediately.  We understand how to properly leverage your facts into an outright dismissal.

Medical marijuana is not a controlled substance.  No one should be on probation or go to jail for possessing a therapeutic with a valid out-of-state medical marijuana card.

Don’t plead guilty without first speaking with us.  We can make a difference.