Theft Charge Dismissed on Eve of Trial WIN

Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa.  The Webster County Attorney’s Office dismissed a single count of theft at the state’s expense against our client on the eve of jury selection.  The criminal trial attorneys at GRL showed once again how thoroughly developing a theory of defense through the aggressive pursuit of pretrial discovery, including interviewing and subpoenaing witnesses not listed by the state, often makes a significant impact on the state’s decision to move forward.  In this case, we raised enough reasonable doubt as to the issues of ownership and intent such that a NFG verdict seemed the only likely outcome.  Not only did our client avoid a conviction altogether, which could have led to jail time, fines and restitution (never mind the lifelong consequences of being labeled a thief), but the dismissal enables us to expunge the matter forever from the client’s otherwise clean criminal record after 180 days.

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