Three Things to Do After a Self-Defense Incident

If you are involved in a self-defense shooting, then you should do the following (courtesy of the USCCA):

Call 911.  Tell the operator you were attacked, feared for your life and had to defend yourself.  Then request both police and an ambulance respond to your location.

If you are a member of the USCCA, then call the Critical Response Team at 1-877-677-1919.  The CRT will put you in touch with a pro-2A attorney.  GRL Law’s own Colin Murphy is a qualified member of the Iowa CRT Attorney Network.

When the police arrive, comply with all instructions.  Request medical attention, if necessary.  Finally, tell the police that you will cooperate 100 percent, but first you need your attorney.  Remain silent and do not discuss anything further without your lawyer present.

If you are not a member of USCCA, consider joining today.  For more information, visit