Tis the season…

…to get on your bikes and ride!

It is that time of year where the weather is turning nice and Iowa motorcyclists are hitting the streets . With that in mind IowaCarAccident.com is reminding Iowa riders of some tips to ensure the safe enjoyment of their bikes all season.

To begin with, make sure that you motorcycle is in proper working order prior to taking it our, especially if its the first time before you ride for the season. Wheels and tires are one of the most important checks you can complete on a bike. As the old adage goes, lose the tire, lose the bike. Accordingly, ensure that the tires are properly inflated. Also, make sure that the tread depth and wear are appropriate and the tires do not need to be replaced. With respect to the wheels, make sure there are no cracks, dents, or missing or broken spokes or mags. Its also important to make sure that all levers, pedals, hoses and cables are properly attached with no leaking or obvious defect. Ensure that your horn is intact and working well. The head lamp must be in working order as well. when looking at your headlamp, be sure to check the bright and dim functions as well as the angle. Also, don't forget about your taillight and brake lights. You will want to ensure that all mirrors and turning signals are a good and working order.

Lastly, check all fluid levels and the oil to ensure proper condition and levels. Remember, these are just some highlights and make sure to refer to your owners manual for a complete list of checks to be performed, especially at the start of the season.

Now that your bike is ready to go, make sure that you are.

Proper dress not only adds to your comfort but, in the event of an accident, can be the difference between life and death. Accordingly, make sure to wear a quality helmet and eye protection. Wear long leather or other think protective clothing, in bright easily seen colors if possible. Also, wear boots and leather gloves. Remember, the only thing between you and the road is the bike and your protective gear. Once you're ready to get out, use proper strategies to protect yourself against inattentive or bad drivers.

First and foremost, ensure other divers are aware of you. You should always comply with state laws, but many bikers will swear that loud pipes save lives! As long as its legal, it can't hurt. Never drive in a car or trucks blind spot. Some people don't even see cars in their blind spots much less vehicles. Don't be afraid to use your horn if you have to. Lastly, if a car is following too closely for the conditions, flash your brakes well before slowing or stopping.

Lastly, ride as if you are invisible. Because to some drivers you are. Give more space and distance than you would in your car in similar conditions. Be more aware of motorists exiting and entering the roadway and always give your self plenty of time to stop or maneuver evasively should a driver not see you.

Remember, no matter whose fault it is, in an accident, the motorcyclist always loses. Be prepared, ride safe, and have a great summer on the road!