Washington, Polk County, Iowa.  On February 26, 2021 a magistrate judge found our client not guilty following a bench trial for unsafe passing of a snow plow on a two-lane highway.

We established that the snow plow does not yield at a stop sign, but rather slowly pulls out onto the highway at 10 mph.  Our client is 100 feet from the intersection traveling 45 mph.  There is no choice but to pass the snow plow on the left to avoid a rear-end collision.  The pass is nearly complete when the snow plow attempts a left-hand turn 200 feet ahead.  The resulting impact at the passenger side rear tire renders the vehicle a total loss.

The snow plow driver claims to have checked his mirrors multiple times, but somehow completely misses the red minivan with daytime running lamps essentially out in front of the plow blade.

Overtaking another vehicle on the left is illegal with certain exceptions.  We proved clear visibility for a mile in the direction of travel with no oncoming traffic.

The fighting issue was whether our client interfered with the plow’s “safe operation.”   As the not guilty verdict demonstrates, this was the epitome of unsafe snow plow driving.

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