What happens if you get your second DUI in 10 years

Call 515-226-0500 or visit https://www.grllaw.com/ for a free consultation. It is a fact of life that bad things happen to good people. Tragedies, mistakes, and lapses in judgment are an unfortunate p… You know people often ask what happens if I have my second DUI in 10 years? And you know the 10 years is a common timeframe that people put on them but in the state of Iowa, the look back period and the time in which the state can enhance a charge is actually 12 years it's not 10 years.

So the question really should be is what happens if I get my second DUI within 12 years? The answer to that is the penalties increase both on the criminal side of the case and on the department of transportation side of the case. And we have to remember that DUIs have the most severe fines and jail time and they're mandatory jail sentences and mandatory fines in both cases, a first offense, second offense, and even a third offense. So the penalties continue to stack and increase the more DUIs or OWIs you have in that 12-year period.