What is a Workers Compensation Claim?

What is a Workers Compensation Claim? The Workers Compensation System is intended to protect the rights of employees who are injured at work. A workers compensation claim is basically the mechanism that an injured employee has against their employer and their employer's insurance carrier to obtain the benefits that are guaranteed to them under the law. For somebody who is injured at work and your injury has to arise out of and in the course of your employment. For somebody who's injured, they're entitled to basically three main benefits; medical treatment, compensation for their injuries while they're off work and recovering, and compensation for any permanent impairment that results from those injuries. Ultimately, our main goal for our clients is to protect their health and their well-being going forward. Most of the ones that we deal with are relatively young. They have multiple years left that they're going to have to continue to work. We want to make sure that they're as healthy as possible, recovered as much as possible from the injuries so that they can work for the rest of their working lives.