What is the minimum sentence for Vehicular Homicide?

What is the minimum sentence for Vehicular Homicide? | GRL Law Firm

Vehicular homicide by way of operating while intoxicated is the single most severe alcohol-related offense a person can be charged with in the state of Iowa. It is a Class B felony. It carries with it a mandatory term of imprisonment of 25 years. Mandatory meaning that it doesn’t matter if the person has never been in trouble before, never been arrested before, has a perfectly clean record. If they are convicted of that offense, a judge is required by law to send them to prison for 25 years. On top of that, the judge is also required to order the person convicted of the offense to pay the victim’s estate a minimum of $150,000.00 in restitution. License suspensions apply, as well, on top of everything, but the thing that people need to understand the most is that if you are charged and convicted of an alcohol-related OWI vehicular homicide, it doesn’t have to be intentional.

If it’s an unintentional act that results in the death of another by way of operating while intoxicated, a judge is required to send that person to prison for 25 years. Choosing the right lawyer is so important, because a conviction for any criminal offense in the state of Iowa remains on the person’s record for the rest of their life. There are many lawyers who take DUI cases. There are very few lawyers that actually defend DUI cases. We defend DUI cases.