What questions should you ask your DUI lawyer?

Clients come in with questions all the time and the questions generally revolve around what's going to happen to my case, what's the process about? I don't see a lot of clients asking the attorney questions about them. And it is an opportunity for the clients to interview the attorney and there are some questions they should be asking that attorney.

They should be asking are you going to challenge my driver's license suspension and actually have a hearing to contest the suspension of my driver's license? When is the last time you won an OWI jury trial? Do you routinely file motions in the criminal side of the case to contest the admissibility of evidence in my case? And when's the last time you were successful challenging that evidence? When is the last time you saved a client's driver's license? Are you certified and have credentials that set you apart from other attorneys in this particular area? And finally, do you teach any seminars? Do you teach any continuing legal educations? Do you provide presentations to other attorneys, to judges?

Those would be some of the questions that I would ask my attorney if I was looking to hire an attorney.