Why GRL Law for Operating While Intoxicated Defense?

Why should client's hire GRL Law for defense of Operating While Intoxicated and related charges? It is a question every potential client should ask every lawyer and law firm they are considering for representation. Why should I put my case, my future, in your hands?

GRL Law specializes in defense of Operating While Intoxicated and related charges such as Vehicular Homicide by way of OWI. Every GRL Lawyer in the Drunk Driving Defense Division has successfully completed the NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioners Course. This is the same curriculum that every certified law enforcement officer is taught at the Academy. We are all members of the National College For DUI Defense and the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. Our lawyers have received specialized training on evidentiary breath testing, forensic blood and urine testing, and accident investigations. When you need brain surgery you go to a brain surgeon not a family doctor. When you need an effective defense of operating while intoxicated accusations you need and want a specialist.

GRL Law OWI Defense Division lawyers are experts in this area of the law. We teach other lawyers and judges the intricacies of OWI law and science. GRL Law Partners, Matthew Lindholm & Robert Rehkemper are frequent lecturers at legal education programs across the State of Iowa on Operating While Intoxicated issues. A week does not go by where lawyers from across the State of Iowa and in surrounding States contact GRL Law lawyers to ask questions and seek guidance on how best to defend their clients. At GRL Law we always make time to help other fellow defense lawyers but ask yourself, do you want your future in the hands of the instructors or the student?
GRL Law lawyers are trailblazers in the field of drunk driving defense. GRL Law lawyers have successfully argued seven (7) OWI specific appeals before the Iowa Supreme Court and countless others before the Iowa Court of Appeals. The Iowa Supreme Court only accepts cases that raise issues that have never been raised before or that of are sufficient state-wide importance to warrant their review. From challenging the legality of Iowa's Boating While Intoxicated charges to successfully changing the law pertaining to advising commercial drivers of their rights in OWI investigations, GRL Law leads the way in advancing new and original arguments in their client's defense.

Every case is different and the categorization of a favorable resolution of a case depends upon the peculiar facts of each case. GRL Law never guarantees a particular result but we can guarantee clients that if there are issues and defenses to exploit in their case, we will not miss them. We will find them and we will do everything we possibly can to use those issues to provide the best possible defense for our clients. Our results in defending Operating While Intoxicated offenses speak for themselves.

Don't just believe great things a law firm writes about itself on their website. Ask around. When searching for a drunk driving defense attorney, ask people who are in the industry who they would recommend. Members of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and other lawyers are all great resources for determining the reputation of a particular lawyer or law firm in the community. Ask the people who would know best. Chances are the lawyers at GRL Law will be on your resource's short list for defense of Operating While Intoxicated and related accusations.