I am from another state and was pulled over in Iowa for too dark of window tint. In addition, it was alleged, someone had "anonymously" called me in for aggressive driving. This situation turned into a OWI case because of the refusal of a breathalyzer test at the police station. I complied to all the officer's field test, but he thought I was trying to manipulate the car breath test at which time he took me to the station. I was hesitant to take the test at the station because of what had previously occurred from the initial traffic stop. After asking a few more questions before rendering a decision to take the breathalyzer, I was abruptly placed under arrest whether I took the test or not. So, I refused the test. The next day I called one of my attorney friend's back in my home state and explained the situation to him and asked him what to do. He later called me back and told me to get Mr. Rehkemper as he had an extremely high reputation, as well as the State of Iowa Delegate for the National College of DUI Defense, a founding member of DUI Defense Lawyers Association, and is also a Board Member for the Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Criminal Defense Core Group for the Iowa Association for Justice and is known by some of my attorney friend's colleagues back in my home state. In summary, I never had to go to court. I plead guilty or no contest to a drunk in public ticket which was a $200 fine. Not only was I so grateful and impressed on the outcome of this situation, but also my attorney friend in my home state was also impressed at what Mr. Rehkemper had accomplished for me. I am so glad I did my homework, called all my resources, and trusted Mr. Rehkemper. WORTH EVERY DIME!!!!