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at gourley, rehkemper & lindholm, our attorneys are tough, creative and know what it takes to defend your rights

GRL Law North is dedicated to bringing our firm’s Des Moines area resources back to their North Iowa roots.  You deserve to have a team of lawyers that put you and your family first.  Lawyers who promise to put the success of your case before their own personal or professional relationships.  You do not hire a lawyer to pat the opposition on the back.  You hire a lawyer because you need a mercenary for justice.  At GRL Law your case becomes our cause.

Our lives can change in an instant.  Whether it be from injuries suffered in an accident, an unexpected death, a work injury, or accusations of a criminal offense.  These matters turn life upside down in an instance.  You need someone who understands what you are going through.  The attorneys at GRL North are seasoned attorneys who were either born, raised, educated or residents of North Iowa for the greater part of their lives.  They now bring the resources of GRL Law’s Des Moines firm back to their North Iowa roots.

Our loyalty to clients is unsurpassed.  Our work ethic is unparalleled.  Our results speak for themselves.


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