S1E1: Dope Yoda

Did your last encounter with police end in joint pain? Are you curious about the current state of the law on hemp, CBD, and marijuana in Iowa? Have you heard about NFG? But not really sure what it means? Then check out GRL Raw, a podcast by Gourley, Rehkemper, and Lindholm, PLC, Iowa’s premier drug crime defense firm.

The first episode is a banger, the real straight dope. We kick it off with Bobby Rehkemper hosting Colin Murphy over a few choice local libations in the firm’s cool new conference center. He is known by the drug defense bar as the Dope Yoda for his omnipotent knowledge of all things cannabis. Murphy spits fire about the main cannabinoids in cannabis, the difference between hemp and marijuana, and the legality of consumable hemp products in Iowa (spoiler alert . . . it’s legal to purchase and consume hemp extracts in Iowa).

The two discuss medical cannabidiol, Iowa’s medical cannabis extract, and the reciprocity defense that GRL Law has essentially pioneered. Dope Yoda describes how he obtained district court rulings dismissing possession of marijuana charges against out-of-state drivers who had medical cards from their home state. The fascinating part about the rulings is the drivers possessed cannabis flower and edible gummies, two versions of medical marijuana that are not currently allowed in Iowa but are covered under the state’s reciprocity defense.

There’s also a conversation about NFG, a term of art that is an integral part of the firm’s culture. When the drug crime and drunk driving defense lawyers at GRL walk a client at trial, we celebrate the three-word jury verdict, NFG. You might be thinking, three words? Guilty has one and not guilty two, right? Yes, it’s like not guilty, but with an edge, just like the firm. GRL has already bagged two NFGs by the end of February, including one by Dope Yoda in Story County.

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