S1E2: Motor Boating with Captain Wizard

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching.  It’s that time of year when every single Midwesterner has had it up to their eyeballs with the cold, snow, and being stuck indoors.  Get ready to kick off those snow boots, put the Carhartt’s in the closet, and top up your tan for boat season.  That’s right…it’s time once again to party in slow motion and do some motorboating!  But before you set sail on your summer adventures, GRL Raw, a podcast by Gourley, Rehkemper, & Lindholm, PLC, drops some knowledge to keep the party afloat and all you boaters out of hot water this summer.

Episode Two of GRL Raw follows host Bobby Rehkemper as he sits down with Grant “Captain Wizard” Gangestad as the two discuss the need to know information for the upcoming boating season. Growing up around the lake, Grant is innately familiar with boating.  There are only three published decisions from appellate courts in Iowa; Grant has handled two of them (Bobby had the other) and is the only attorney in Iowa to have won a boating case in front of the Iowa Supreme Court.  The guy knows his way around a dinghy!

Watch as the two discuss everything from boating while intoxicated, life jacket and equipment requirements, open containers on boats, common reasons for boating stops and how to avoid them, driver’s license consequences, and a host of information that you need to know before plopping your pontoon in the water.

Make sure to stay tuned for the entire episode as we sneak in a sweet surprise with a new segment we are calling Do’s and Don’ts with Doughnut. We don’t want to ruin the suspense so just think of interesting people, public posts, and a side of law.

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