S1E4: Bicycling with Baby Dog

The inmates have taken over the asylum! Donut takes over hosting duties and turns the tables on Bobby “Baby Dog” Rehkemper but not before first telling us how she got that nickname. Episode 4 finds us talking all things pedal biking. We kick the episode off with a Do’s and Don’ts with Donut of unprecedented WTF status and then get down to talking pedal bikes and cycling. Why don’t cyclists ride on sidewalks? Can you get pulled over while pedaling? Can you get an OWI on a bicycle?

What about an e-bike? How do you not die on RAGBRAI? You have questions, we have answers.  This episode has everything from LSD, to pedal bike safety, to Fourth Amendment debates and Rambo knifes. How do you fit all of this into one episode? Tune in and find out. Don’t forget to stay put as Emily joins Donut to discuss GRL’s top 5 bicycling bars just in time for your RAGBRAI training to ramp up.