S1E5: The Wolfs Rules of Engagement – Surviving College

When The Wolf speaks, all should listen! He is a man of few words. Direct and to the point. The wisdom he drops is based upon decades of experience cleaning up other people’s messes. It will save your ass if you take it to heart.

Episode 5 has us talking to Matt “The Wolf” Lindholm’s who sets out four basic college survival tips. He likes to call them The Wolf’s Rules of Engagement. Whether you are a parent, a college student, young-adult or a simply a person wanting to keep yourself out of a police-involved pickle, this is a must watch episode. The Wolf shares his take on topics like drug use, sexting, one-night stands, and underage drinking. It aint legal advice but it is some friendly observations based upon thousands of Wolfing at work. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the end for the now-famous Dos and Don’ts with Donut. We will just say if you have ever wondered if you can get naked at Walmart, you want to watch this one.